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Toronto Shoplifting and Theft Under $5000 Charges Lawyer

Youth (under age 18) shoplifting charges under the YCJA

Those who are under the age of 18 are charged with theft under $5000 via the YCJA (Youth Criminal Justice Act). The YCJA replaced the former Young Offenders Act. Like adults, they are fingerprinted, have their mugshot taken, and must go to court to deal with the charges. Youths have some built in protections that adults do not have in regards to the disclosure of information. This being said their information is collected and permanently stored, shared across police forces, and sometimes can become part of an adult criminal record.

Youth cases, despite being in the YCJA system, generally take more time than adult cases. This is likely because the system has been allocated more time/money to try to rehabilitate youths than they do with adults. This "rehabilitation" can sometimes do more harm than good however because it can interfere with the child's schooling, home life, and other commitments. For this reason we always strive to resolve these cases in a quick and effective fashion. We also want to ensure the least likely chance that the youth will be put at risk of developing a permanent adult criminal record after they turn 18.

What is EJS and EEJS?

Extrajudicial Sanctions (EJS) and Enhanced Extrajudicial Sanctions (EEJS – more onerous) are programs sometimes available for youths charged with shoplifting. They normally involve community service hours, multiple counselling sessions and usually take 3 – 5 months to complete. They also carry lengthy access to information periods of two years under the YCJA that other dispositions do not.

Where are Youth criminal cases handled in Toronto?

In the proper city of Toronto limited courts are set up for Youth cases. They are dealt with at: 311 Jarvis Street, Toronto (downtown), 1911 Eglinton Ave E (Scarborough), and 2201 Finch Ave W (North York and Etobicoke).

In the adult system, the proper city of Toronto has five OCJ courts. In other GTA jurisdictions, including Peel, York, Durham, Halton, the cases are handled at the same courthouse as adults but in special courtrooms dedicated to Youth YCJA offences.

The youth's parents' opinion is important depending on the courthouse the case is being handled at

When an offender turns 18 the opinion of their parents is virtually irrelevant, for those under 18 it makes a big difference. We want to make the charges go away and be resolved as quickly and easily as possible. In the youth system, the input of the parent(s) is an important part in accomplishing this goal. This can often involve meetings with the lawyer, the Crown Attorney, the Judge (sometimes), and the parent about how the charges are negatively impacting their schooling, extra-curricular activities, self-esteem, life at home, depression/anxiety; and, about the punishments that the youth has endured at home, perhaps including: being grounded, extra work for allowance, limited freedoms, less phone/internet access, etc.

Youth Probation Officers

Offenders in the EJS and EEJS systems will be sent to meet with a youth probation officer whose job is to assign conditions for them. As mentioned above, the timeline is normally 3 – 5 months for completion. The youth EJS and EEJS programs have an information access period of two years, which can put the youth at risk with the adult criminal justice system should they reoffend after their 18th birthday and within the access window of their case.

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